About me


foto_perfil Manuela Alves Nobre Sales, Oceanography student.

Humboldt State University, Arcata – CA.

I’m a Brazilian student, born and raise in Fortaleza at Ceara State. My journey starts with a love for the ocean, which came with every little mystery that he brings on waves. Now i’m in Humboldt State University to catch every possibility to learn and increase my knowledge about the world. My major is Oceanography and my goals are work with sharks and stingrays at the future. I want not just to learn more about the species, but pass the knowledge to every one that have interest and that needs to now. One day i want to be a Professor.

I start at Humboldt State University on fall of 2015 and is going to end at the spring of 2016. After this I’m going to pass my summer at a Internship opportunity in Florida.